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The John Weatherhead Gallery at the University of Saint Francis has opened an Exhibition of the Works of Laara Cassals and Betsy Stirratt. Mystery of the Body, an exhibition of the works of Laara Cassals and Betsy Stirratt will be presented at the John Weatherhead Gallery in the Mimi and Ian Rolland Art and Visual Communication Center at USF from October 27 through November 24.

Laara Cassells, born in London, now lives and works in Canada. She examines the merchandising of the female body in terms of the ideal of the runway model. Her work in this show consists of body casts made from women of all ages and body types. Betsy Stirratt has been Director of the School of Fine Arts Gallery at Indiana University since 1987. She is concerned with health and the body as subject matter and takes images form medical texts along with statements about physical processes, illness, death, body ownership, aging, and sexuality.

The exhibit opening is Saturday, October 27 from 7pm to 9pm. The Rolland Center is located on Leesburg Road between Main Street and Spring Street. Gallery hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 3pm on Saturday.




TUFW campus brings together representatives from various mission agencies and fields for a week of missions focus. The week, called World Opportunities Week (W.O.W.), takes place November 4-10. The culmination of the week’s events will be TUFW’s Community Service Day, Saturday, November 10.

Featured chapel speaker for the week is Adrian Despres. Adrian works with Kingdom Building Ministries as an itinerant speaker, traveling worldwide speaking to thousands. Chapel is held from 10am to 11am in the sanctuary of First Missionary Church, 701 W. Rudisill Blvd, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In addition, mission representatives from 22 organizations will have displays and literature in Eicher Student Commons through Wednesday, November 7, 12noon.

W.O.W. week is sponsored by Taylor World Outreach (T.W.O.). T.W.O. is a student directed ministry outreach program designed to assist students in reaching the world with the Gospel.


TUFW seeks opportunities to serve the community; one such avenue to accomplish this purpose is through her Fourth Community Service Day set for Saturday, November 10, 8am to 12 noon.

Taylor students, faculty, staff, and administration will participate in service projects to support community organizations, area neighborhood associations and worthwhile causes in Fort Wayne. Service teams from TUFW, organized by academic departments, will consist of students, faculty and staff alike. Two hundred participants are expected to engage in the meaningful service and learning experience. At the conclusion of the service opportunities, project teams will return to campus for a celebration meal and program of sharing.

Projects from previous years have included: painting over graffiti on area walls, bridges, and abutments, fall clean-up at West Central Neighborhood Ministry, assistance in a renovation project at Love Church, cleaning education equipment at Brook Mill and Study Elementary, hosting a “reading fair” for community children at the Euell Wilson Center, and trimming hedges and weeds, along with other miscellaneous yard work, in several neighborhood associations.

The morning of service will conclude with a celebration lunch held in Eicher Commons. For more information on the Community Service Day, contact Dick Baxter, associate dean for career services/advisor for Taylor World Outreach at 744-8699. TUFW is a Christian liberal arts institution located on the city’s historic south side.




BLHS show choir is holding a Direct-From-The-Mills Gigantic Towel and Linen Sale. There will be 20 categories of linen and 900 sheet sets to select from. Curtains and panels will be sold at mill wholesale prices and also a large selection of household and automotive tools will be sold at half price.

The sale will be held Friday, and Saturday, November 16th and 17th from 9am to 9pm and Sunday, November 18th from 9am to 5pm. The sale will be held at BLHS Cafeteria, 333 East Paulding Road. All are welcome. For more information, call Bishop Luers High School at 456-1261.



BLHS science students will be learning in a safer, cleaner classroom after IDEM completes the last phase of its Clean Sweep Program. Clean Sweeps, a pilot program with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Indiana Regional Household Hazardous Waste Task Force (RHHWTF), helps schools assess classroom chemical storage through education and training.

“This voluntary program is a great way for IDEM to work hand-in-hand with schools to ensure a safe learning environment for students and peace of mind for instructors and parents,” said Lori F. Kaplan, IDEM commissioner.

This summer, the program helped eight Indiana high school labs begin the year cleaner and safer, including Bishop Luers High school in Allen County. IDEM offered the service to all junior high and high schools that signed IDEM’s mercury pledge, a voluntary agreement made by individual schools to eliminate the use of mercury and mercury containing products.

During a Clean Sweep, IDEM and RHHWTF conduct an assessment of the school’s science labs. After each chemical in the lab is assessed, independent contractors remove and dispose of unused, expired or unknown substances.

The Clean Sweeps program promotes conscientious chemical use. Even the most benign chemicals, if improperly stored or expired, can become volatile, leach out of containers or inadvertently mix with other substances and cause an adverse reaction. Clean Sweeps also provides teachers with the information and tools necessary to make future decisions about using, purchasing and storing chemicals.

This voluntary program is offered at no cost to the schools. A $60,000 grant was given by EPA to IDEM to implement the program. IDEM supplied a $20,000 matching grant.




STCS has been selected as one of 20 Allen County Schools to receive a $5,000 EVERYBODY READS Literacy Grant for the school year 2001-2002. The award was presented at a news conference at the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce on October 17th. This money will be used to present a book fair in the spring for the parents of students in grades K through 3rd.

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