Oooooooohhhh I have to tell you about a nice little place to stop and get breakfast on the way to the lake. Well it sort of depends on which lake you’re going to I guess. We go up north quite often and we go right through Churubusco, Indiana. I’ve often seen this nice looking restaurant there called Brevins. I understand from Sheila, our cute little head-waitress, the name was made up from the owners’ names – Brian and Kevin Riecke.

Although this restaurant was new to Wayne and me, my Editor Bobby Stark knew about it all along, the tight-lipped little darling. He’s a fisherman you know and he goes to a lake up that way somewhere. Ray McCune, Robbie Jackson, and Cindy Cornwell, the other members of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS staff, knew about Brevins also. Ray told me it was a nice restaurant; he said he and Walt Pressler stopped there a few weeks ago for breakfast. He was on a writing assignment for a magazine he writes for. He recommended going there at breakfast time.

So, Wayne and I took his advice and did stop there the last time we went to Ligonier; it is right on the way you know. And we stopped for breakfast. There’s a blackboard right when you walk in the door and it tells you what the breakfast specials are and gives the prices so you know what things cost and compare it with how much money you brought with you and all. In fact Wayne read the blackboard before he even opened the door in case he didn’t have enough money, he could just turn around and walk out without embarrassing himself. Embarrassment or not I had to potty so I went on in. I told him to pick out a table and I’d meet him there after I used the facilities. We could still order toast and coffee; I knew he had that much money with him. I still carry my ‘mad’ money with me in the toe of my sneaker. I call it ‘mad money’ because if Wayne ever found out about it, he would get mad. Oh well, It gets a laugh at the Ladies Aid Society at our church.

Oh by the way girls, the potty was nice and clean and smelled like flowers and there was plenty of paper although I always carry extra tissues in my purse just in case someone forgot to replace the empty roll. I only had that happen a time or two and I’ll tell you this, “It ain’t fun to drip dry.” You can buy those little packs of Kleenex for practically nothing at Walgreen’s. You could always bring a big roll of toilet paper from home if you carry a real big purse like my friend Gerta. She carries the biggest purse you ever saw and has something for every situation in there. You name it; she’s got it. She said, “If I haven’t got it in my purse; you don’t need it. She even had one of those little folding camp shovels in there. She thought it might come in handy if we ever got stuck in a snow bank. She got it in the last garage sale we went to.

Anyway, Wayne got us a booth by the window so he could watch his precious old car and make sure someone didn’t steal it. Ha, whoever stole it would have to shovel it out first on account of all the fast food wrappers and empty pop cans in there. Maybe he should leave the keys in it and make it easy for them. Just watch the car and just when they are through throwing out all the junk, walk out and catch them in the act and they would run away leaving a clean car for us.

Sheila brought us 2 glasses of water with lemon slices and left us menus. We decided to order from the BREVIN’S BREAKFAST TIMES MENU and not from the ‘specials’ blackboard. Wayne picked out the #3 Rise & Shine Combo Breakfast; I got the TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST. Wayne ordered an extra fried egg and a side order of American fries to go with his 2 eggs, sausage, 3 pancakes and coffee. And he had the all time audacity and gall to tell the waitress to tell Laura, the breakfast cook, to stack the eggs and pancakes – pancake, egg, pancake, egg, pancake, and put the last egg on top. She looked at him funny but carried the order back to the kitchen. You could hear the cook laughing all the way to the front of the restaurant. I was so embarrassed.

Wayne got his food stacked up just the way he ordered. It came on a large long meat platter with the hash browns on one side of the pancake/egg stack and the sausage patties on the other side. Wayne asked for double syrup and then poured all of it over the eggs and pancakes. Of course the syrup created a flood in his plate and I watched as the hash browns got soaked and the sausage patties looked like little round rafts. He ate every bite. As my little 6 year-old grandson might say, “I wanted to gag and hurl.” I just couldn’t watch him masticate that mess. I concentrated on my TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST, which consisted of 2 eggs over easy, ham, American fries, toast and coffee. It was delicious. I’m not sure what brand of sausage they use but it was good.

Sheila kept our coffee cups full and brought extra water and was soooo pleasant and talkative. I made Wayne leave her a big tip for being so nice and cleaning up the mess he left on the table. I made him give it to her in person because if he left it on the table it would have glued itself down in the spilled syrup and she never would have gotten it up.

I truly enjoyed the food at Brevin’s but I won’t go there with Wayne anymore; I’ll go with Gerta the next time we girls want some time out to ourselves to go shopping in Ligonier. I’ll give Sheila and Laura 100 forks for putting up with Wayne and I’ll give Brevin’s 98 forks for the good food, atmosphere, clean potty, plenty of paper, and for the fresh clean air in their restaurant. I almost never give restaurants 100 forks because I always leave room for improvement although I don’t see how they could improve anything unless it would be to bar Wayne from ever eating there again. We spent around $15 for breakfast, including the nice tip we left for Sheila and by the way, thank you for the warm wet towels and helping me clean my messy little darling up. Till next time, Taa Taaa.

Mrs. Waynedale

The adventures and reviews of Mrs. Waynedale are written by a mystery author in the Waynedale area. You have to love her, eccentric, truthful, and quaint as she is. She is a champion for Seniors.

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Mrs. Waynedale

The adventures and reviews of Mrs. Waynedale are written by a mystery author in the Waynedale area. You have to love her, eccentric, truthful, and quaint as she is. She is a champion for Seniors. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer