Ooooohhh I just have to tell you about a place that serves up fabulous breakfasts and lunches and dinners and desserts. It’s Rich’s Café at 3411 Lower Huntington Road. Waaaaay back when, the old Charky’s Restaurant stood there. I remember Wayne and I used to go there every Sunday morning after church, well as often as we could anyway, and order lunchfest or breakfast or brunch or whatever. We enjoyed it so much. Wayne was on probation most of the time because the waitresses were tired of picking up after him and cleaning up the area when he left.

I’m so glad to see a restaurant go back in there. There used to be a restaurant there but it had such a sterile feeling; it was almost like eating in a hospital. Everything was paper or plastic and you had to serve yourself to the drinks and there were two or three different places to order food depending on what you wanted to eat. Sandwiches were in one place, pizza was in another, and the drinks were way over against one wall and the machines were so confusing to operate that we had to ask how to use them and then just got water from then on.

At Rich’s Café we got real cute waitresses that were so friendly we just wanted to take one of them home just to listen to her southern accent. I’ve been in the south for a while you know and I kinda like to listen to those ya’ll’s. She just couldn’t do enough for us. She didn’t even mind helping me clean up Wayne either time. The last time we were there I had put a bib on him and a shower cap that I had with me. I had just gotten my hair tinted at my neighbor Amy’s house. How he managed to get food through one of those little holes is beyond me but he did and it was in the back at that. He even had syrup in his hair and he never had anything with syrup on it.

Ray McCune went there and reported it in my column while I was away. Wayne and I read that column and Rich’s sounded so good we decided to give it a try. Ray tries to write but he just doesn’t know how to critique food places properly. Like when he said the only place that made Waynedale Dogs was THE DOGOUT hot dog stand. Well, that just isn’t so. I know for a fact, that he found another place right here in Waynedale. Just the other day he came in the office eating one. He had to admit, the Loco-N-Motion makes next to excellent Waynedale Dogs; I could have told him that; in fact I did one time but he didn’t listen. He’s like Wayne.

Anyway, Wayne and I went to Rich’s and liked it so much we went back several times. We ate breakfast two times, lunch once, and then we stopped by for supper, twice I think. Wayne ordered the same thing every time, eggs over easy, potatoes, toast, and sausage patties with coffee. I usually just ask the waitress what is good and then order that. I’ve had two of their omelets, their breaded tenderloin with mashed potatoes and gravy, and their humongous taco salad. I love their house salads too and their hamburger steak and their fries and well, I’m sorry but I can’t find fault with anything they’ve fixed so far.

By the way don’t order a full plate of sausage gravy and biscuits; even ordering a half order I still couldn’t eat it all. Oh, and while I’m at it, watch out for their pancakes. They are the same size as the plate they come on; no kidding, they are huge and delicious. They serve a bottomless cup of coffee there also. I couldn’t get my cup down less than half-full when along comes someone and fills it up again. Not complaining mind you, just saying you’re my kind of people. Oh and they kept our water glasses filled also. Oh, oh and you have to try their mashed potatoes. They’re made with real potatoes not flakes out of a box. I don’t know but I think they must bake them before they mash them; they really are good.

Honey, let me tell you, those people over there aren’t interested in my girlish figure you can bet your pension check on that. They serve their food on meat platters not ordinary skimpy little old plates. And the portions, well what can I say, I have never been able to finish a meal in there yet; I have always had to divide my meal into two portions and take half home with me in a doggy box. Wayne, my cute little tubby hubby usually eats it for a midnight snack later on the sneaky little bed crawler. I just wish he wouldn’t get butter and cheese on our sheets. The syrup washed right out.

I met the owner once and when I asked him if he was Rich; he sounded so cute when he said, “In name only.” Oh Rich honey, I just loved it. I got a big laugh out of it even if Wayne did say, “I’ll bet he says that all the time.” I don’t care; I thought it was funny. Oh, oh, I just thought of something and I better say it here and now. Rich, honey, you’re not going to like this but, well, your grits aren’t like they make down South. I’ve been to Florida, Georgia, and Alabama and your grits just don’t measure up. Since I’ve been down there, I’ve acquired a taste for their substitute for potatoes. A good way to judge grits is to stand a spoon in the middle of them. If a spoon doesn’t stand up then you better fix them. I just hate watery grits. Grits are good with a pat of butter in the middle or maybe some gravy over the top or crumbled bacon sprinkled on top or shredded cheese mixed in. Honey, work on it and I’ll try them again the next time Wayne and I stop by.

I give Rich’s Café a big 100 forks of approval but I’ll have to take one back for the runny grits and another one back because I always leave room for other improvements, although I’m not sure what that would be. My tubby hubby, Wayne, said that he thinks Rich could use more parking spaces, and Rich should open up the area upstairs over his restaurant and make a bigger dining area up there so there wouldn’t be any lines, and Rich’s should be open 24 hours a day in case he got the midnight hungries, and have a home baked pie combo plate with a sample of each pie they serve, and waitresses should be in bikinis, so I guess maybe there could be a few more improvements at that, although if the waitresses were in bikinis Wayne would never be able to hit his mouth with a fork full of food. Till next time, TAA TAAA.

Mrs. Waynedale

The adventures and reviews of Mrs. Waynedale are written by a mystery author in the Waynedale area. You have to love her, eccentric, truthful, and quaint as she is. She is a champion for Seniors.

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Mrs. Waynedale

The adventures and reviews of Mrs. Waynedale are written by a mystery author in the Waynedale area. You have to love her, eccentric, truthful, and quaint as she is. She is a champion for Seniors. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer