(Written under protest this 10th day of March in the year of our Lord 2003.)

“Oooooohhh I just have to tell you, I got stuck with writing Bertha Wayne’s column again. I don’t mean to complain but writing her stuff is getting me backed up with my own stuff. I have to do the Scouting Smoke Signals column AND the Kampfire Kookin’ recipes. AND the Veterans’ Page, AND the Community Calendar, AND the Waynedale Scribes Corner, AND Woods & Waters, AND sometimes the In Faith Column, AND I re-write/copy-read Cousin Alyce Faye’s column, and I don’t know what all else I have to do around here! Bertha Dale took off again and I don’t mean she went to a Florida Nudist Colony again either. She literally took off this week to nurse herself and her Tubby Hubby back to health. Personally I think she should have stayed down south and gotten herself better instead of coming back to this stupid fowl weather and getting sick all over again.

She wanted me to go to Lambro’s Restaurant, take notes, and then tell her about the service and the food there so she could write about it. Hey, it’s easier just to go over there and report on the food but she said she wanted to add a little humor and I said, “No,” I’d rather write it myself and get it over with. She said that she was going to “. . . tell Bobby Stark,” and I said, “I didn’t care what she was going to do; I was just going to go there and then write it down and so there already.”

Bob thought I should go ahead and do it. Well, as anyone knows, food has magic powers. I agreed to go but I said I would write the column and just tell it like it is. I know Bertha wouldn’t be happy right now but Bob said she could just get over it.

We went to Lambro’s Restaurant over on Tillman Road for lunch. I haven’t been in there in ages and I had completely forgotten just how quiet and nice a restaurant could be. We picked a time when they weren’t busy and after the lenses in my glasses turned back to clear again, I could see there were only one or two other people in the place. We almost had it all to ourselves. It was nice (no screaming children – no cigarette smoke – no one rushing about carrying trays of food and dirty dishes back and forth to and from the kitchen – no loud noises – and no loud crappy rap music in the background either. As Cindy put it, “The QUIET was so loud we could actually talk.” She was right, “The quiet was really loud, I mean, it was really quiet in there.”

Our waitress’ name was Nancy (I didn’t get her last name). She was a cute, pleasant and perky blonde. She gave us our menu and told us about their ‘Special’ for the day and said that their bean soup was the best. I ordered the special (a chopped sirloin steak with home fries and slaw). I ordered a cup of their bean soup to start with. It was Great Northern bean soup, a kind that I grew up with back home but Mom never made Great Northern bean soup this good. When I was growing up, Mom used to water her soups down to make them go further. We weren’t poor but stretching a meal by adding water was only natural in those hard times during the war and right after; everybody did it.

Now this soup was thick, hot, and full of beans and ham chunks. It was very good. Nancy brought the cole slaw right before the main meal and I ate it just like a salad. It was cool, crunchy, creamy, and delicious. I like to rake my coleslaw off to the side of the bowl and let the juice drain off and then eat it that way. It’s much less messier. I do like their cole slaw. The chopped sirloin was cooked just right; not too done and yet it was cooked all the way through. I think that it needed a little garlic flavoring but then some people don’t like garlic at all so I think maybe the next time I’ll take some garlic powder with me.

The steak was served with American fries and they were nice and crunchy and not burned like I’ve gotten in some other restaurants. Cindy got the chicken breast with rice, cole slaw, and a Coke. The meal went very well up until I (not thinking) asked how her breast was. When she answered, “Tender!” I lost it and when she added “and juicy,” I fell off my chair. I’m glad everyone else had finished eating and had left the restaurant. So with a red face, I have to give Lambro’s a high score for the nice lunch.

NOTE: I want to thank the nice lady who dropped off the Lee’s Famous Recipe 3-piece Chicken Dinner Coupons from the latest issue of ‘SENIOR LIFE,’ for Mrs. Wayne Dale. I took them to her and she said to say, “Thanks.” She said that if she and her Tubby Hubby ever got out of their death beds she’d go use it. I said, “OK, OK, already,” and went over to Rudisill Boulevard and picked up their two 3-piece dinners with Cole slaw, baked beans, mashed potatoes/gravy, and green beans with rolls and honey. I thought you were supposed to ‘starve’ a cold and ‘feed’ a fever; I may be wrong.

I brought their dinners back to them and left. I figure the sooner she gets her strength back the sooner I can hand her column back to her. As she often says, “Until next time, which I hope there won’t be one, Taa Taaa.

Mrs. Waynedale

The adventures and reviews of Mrs. Waynedale are written by a mystery author in the Waynedale area. You have to love her, eccentric, truthful, and quaint as she is. She is a champion for Seniors.

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Mrs. Waynedale

The adventures and reviews of Mrs. Waynedale are written by a mystery author in the Waynedale area. You have to love her, eccentric, truthful, and quaint as she is. She is a champion for Seniors. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer