IF THE SHOE FITS – The Book Nook

by Sandra D. Bricker Moody
1978-0-8024-0628-6, PB, 288
When two lawyers strike out on their own to form a law firm designed to help the needy folks of Cincinnati, they discover along the way that fairytale endings aren’t just for ancient days. Julianne and her long time best friend and neighbor, Will, both dream of happily-ever-after lives, but first they must establish themselves in the real world. They have limited legal experience. They have no client base. They also lack the transparency to recognize when true love is right before them. Will cannot envision himself as a contemporary Prince Charming, despite the fact that in his career he seeks to rescue those who have no hero. And Julianne is so intent on finding success as an attorney, she fails to realize that sometimes Cinderella has to change her appearance and lifestyle in order to become the belle of the ball.

Unfortunately, this new telling of the Cinderella story lacks any surprise twists. If only there were one dastardly villain, or one monumental legal case to decide the fate of the kingdom, it would not have been so predictable. Although it stresses several moral themes, it is not particularly “religious” in nature. The author succeeded in making much of the dialogue witty and realistic, and the plot does gain momentum in the second half of the book, so it qualifies as light, entertainment.

Melanie E. Laughlin is a summer college readiness student at Taylor University studying professional writing.